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Our macro research services

Multi Asset: Global

Investment narratives derived from global macroeconomic and geopolitical intelligence.

BCA Live & Unfiltered Counterpoint Private Markets & Alternatives The Bank Credit Analyst Daily Insights Geopolitcal Strategy Global Asset Allocation Global Investment Strategy

Multi Asset: Regional

Measured impact in specific regions of pertinent global information

US Political Strategy China Investment Strategy Emerging Markets Strategy European Investment Strategy US Investment Strategy

Our Experts

A worldwide group of more than 60 financial experts

Eric Jaffe

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Jaffe was appointed Chief Executive Officer of BCA Research on November 27, 2023. Eric was previously Managing Director and Global Head of Content at GLG, a private equity-owned expert-access and insight business.


Peter Berezin

Chief Strategist

Peter is currently BCA Research’s Chief Global Strategist and Research Director. Since joining BCA Research in 2010, he has served as Managing Editor of The Bank Credit Analyst as well as helping to develop and launch BCA Research’s Equity Analyzer Service.

Arthur Budaghyan

Arthur Budaghyan

Chief Strategist

Arthur is currently BCA Research’s Chief Strategist, Emerging Markets Strategy. Since joining BCA Research in 1999, he has been responsible for EM trading strategies and became the Chief Strategist of the Emerging Markets Strategy in 2005.


Garry Evans

Chief Strategist

Garry is currently BCA Research’s Chief Strategist, Global Asset Allocation. Since joining BCA Research in 2015, Garry has headed the Global Asset Allocation Service as well as being involved in Emerging Market Sector Strategy.


Matt Gertken, PhD

Chief Strategist

Matt is currently BCA Research’s Chief Strategist, Geopolitical Strategy. He oversees the firm’s coverage of market-relevant geopolitical, political, and policy developments across the world.


Roukaya Ibrahim


Roukaya is currently BCA Research’s Strategist, Daily Insights. From 2018 to 2020, she was a Strategist for BCA Research’s Geopolitical Strategy service. She has also served as a Strategist for the Commodity & Energy Strategy service.


Chester Ntonifor


Chester is currently BCA Research’s Strategist, Foreign Exchange Strategy. He first joined BCA Research in 2008 and has worked across Foreign Exchange Strategy, Global Investment Strategy and Commodity & Energy Strategy.

Brian Payne

Brian Payne

Chief Strategist

Brian is BCA Research’s Chief Strategist, Private Markets & Alternatives.

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Some of Our Mid and Long Term Calls

A New EM Bear Market

Our Method

Fiery, collabrative process

A research staff of 60+ committed to non-consensus daily debate

Confidence-inspiring fact base

Decades of analysis on over 200,000 data series, which build up to thousands of proprietary indicators

Macro experts who challenge you

The push and pull in one-on-one conversation to shape your conviction

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