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US Political Strategy 

BCA Research’s US Political Strategy service provides market-relevant, data-driven, non-partisan, macroeconomic research with a focus on the US multi-asset investment environment, resulting in discretionary trade recommendations for those who invest in US assets.

Competitive Advantage

  • Investment Relevance - US Political Strategy separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to policy developments for US-focused investors. It builds upon over 70 years of macroeconomic research at BCA and nine years of our Geopolitical Strategy service.
  • Analytical Framework - The US Political strategy uses our proprietary framework for analyzing politics. The method emphasizes “checks and balances” that determine whether key policies will actually take effect. We identify opportunities as well as risks, and aim to reveal when markets overrate or underrate political narratives.
  • Non-Partisanship - Our analysis responds to our clients’ interests – not to partisan biases. Coverage is politically neutral and centered on the US market.

Investors are too often forced to rely on the rumor mill in Washington, DC for policy insight. That might be good enough for the newspapers, but our clients expect better. We provide rigorous analysis of what the politicians, parties, and institutions are really capable of. Then we draw timely and actionable investment conclusions.

Matt Gertken Strategist,


  • Weekly Reports provide high-level analysis of US political issues affecting major asset classes.
  • Special Reports give an in-depth view of sector risks and forward-looking themes.
  • Webcasts discuss the latest research with a lively Q&A.


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Matt Gertken


Matt is BCA Research’s Strategist, Geopolitical Strategy and US Political Strategy. He oversees the firm’s coverage of market-relevant policy developments across the world. Prior to joining BCA in 2015, Matt worked as a Senior Analyst at Strategic Forecasting, Inc (Stratfor) and in various academic and publishing roles. Matt holds an MPhil from the University of Cambridge and a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.

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