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The Bank Credit Analyst

The Bank Credit Analyst has been published continuously since 1949, covering developments in the US and global economy, with a focus on inflation, debt, and policy trends in order to generate investment advice.

Tools to forge your own views 

  • Recommendations on all major asset classes
  • Monthly in-depth special reports
  • Monthly overview of the key themes covered by BCA Research
  • The key indicators driving the views are always available to clients
  • The Bank Credit Analyst team promptly responds to any client questions, making it a useful resource for your investment process

By focusing on the long-term drivers of growth, inflation and asset prices, The Bank Credit Analyst can help investors better judge which price fluctuations are just noise and which ones are key trends. 

Mathieu Savary Chief Strategist,

European Investment Strategy

How we do it 

  • The Bank Credit Analyst team works closely with all the other BCA Research teams in order to provide one concise overview of the firm’s thinking
  • Our recommendations are focused on the 12-month horizon, but are positioned within broader secular trends
  • We focus on trends in money and debt creation to support our economic and market calls
  • We are driven by indicators

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Some of what we've called

  • The Bank Credit Analyst forecasted the rise of inflation in the 1970s
  • The Bank Credit Analyst warned investors ahead of the 1987 crash
  • The Bank Credit Analyst warned investors ahead of the Tech bubble
  • The Bank Credit Analyst warned investors of imbalances in the housing market last decade

European Investment Strategy

Mathieu Savary

Chief Strategist

Prior to his role in leading the European Investment Strategy, Mathieu was the BCA Research Strategist for The Bank Credit Analyst and Daily Insights. From 2016 to 2019, he headed BCA Research’s Foreign Exchange Strategy service. He has also served as Senior Editor of the Global Investment Strategy service and as a Research Analyst for the European Investment Strategy service. Moreover, Matthew was one of the two developers of BCA Research’s “Principles of Global Macro” seminar, a course he still teaches to investors around the world. Prior to BCA Research, Mathieu held the position of Global Macro Research Analyst with Brandywine Global Investment Management. Mathieu holds a BCom in Finance and Economics from McGill University, and the CFA designation.

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