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European Investment Strategy

BCA Research's European Investment Strategy identifies outstanding investment opportunities both within Europe and outside Europe.

Tools to forge your own views 

  • Recommendations in all major asset classes and time horizons from three-month trades to multi-year structural themes
  • Weekly reports updating our views and their interaction with ongoing data and news flow
  • Special Reports conducting a deep dive into individual market or economic topics
  • Webcasts, conference calls and one-on-one meetings on request for long-only and long-short investors

We are truly unconstrained, out-of-the-box, independent thinkers with a proven record of calling the European markets right.

Dhaval Joshi Chief Strategist,

European Investment Strategy

How we do it

  • Our unique credit cycle-based approach consistently predicts turning-points in the economy and markets
  • EIS uses a highly successful sector-based approach for regional and country stock market allocation
  • Our proprietary fractal analysis provides red flags for imminent trend changes in any investment

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Some of what we have called

The outperformance of defensive sectors through most of 2018, with booked profits of 25% in just 7 months.

The pause in Fed rate hikes at the end of 2018.

The euro rally in 2017 and the yen rally in 2018, generating a combined gain of 25%.

The top of the cryptocurrency boom in 2017 and the bottom of the bust in 2018, with booked profits of 140%.

European Investment Strategy

Dhaval Joshi

Chief Strategist

Dhaval is currently BCA Research’s Chief Strategist, European Investment Strategy. Prior to joining BCA Research, he held positions as Chief Strategist at RAB Capital, and Global Strategist at Société Générale, where he received the Extel award for best new pan-European analyst in 2000. Dhaval spent the 1990s as an Investment Manager at JP Morgan Fleming where he managed $1 billion of global mandates, specializing in applied behavioral finance. Dhaval holds an MA from Cambridge University, England and is an Affiliate of the Institute of Actuaries.

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