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Daily Insights

BCA's daily product, providing updates on BCA's newest ideas and quick response to important daily market and economic developments.

Tools to forge your own views

  • A daily deliverable
  • Covers all geographies and asset classes
  • Provides commentary on major economic developments that will impact markets
  • Help investors understand how the views of each of BCA’s services are evolving on a daily basis
  • The website offers a medium for clients to ask questions to strategists that will get answered from specialists

Daily Insights quickly and succinctly keeps you up-to-date on BCA’s most recent thinking.

Mathieu Savary Strategist, Daily Insights

How we do it

  • We work with BCA’s other teams to gather their views and distillate them in short snippets on a daily basis
  • With the input of BCA’s entire research team, we respond to key economic releases and market developments that will affect your portfolios
  • The analysis is designed to offer investible ideas, every day
  • We provide the best of BCA, everyday

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Daily Insights


Mathieu Savary

Mathieu is currently BCA’s Strategist, The Bank Credit Analyst. From 2016 to 2019, he headed BCA’s Foreign Exchange Strategy service. He has also served as Senior Editor of the Global Investment Strategy service and as a Research Analyst for the European Investment Strategy service. Moreover, Mathieu was one of the two developers of BCA’s “Principles Of Global Macro” seminar, a course he still teaches to investors around the world. Prior to BCA, Mathieu held the position of Global Macro Research Analyst with Brandywine Global Investment Management. Mathieu holds a BCom in Finance and Economics from McGill University, and the CFA designation.

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