Macro Research Services

Use our macro research as a tool to forge your own views and shape your conviction in your investment decisions. Our macro research team includes more than 60 strategists providing waterfront coverage across global economics, FX, commodities, equities, fixed income, asset allocation, China, Europe, the US, emerging markets and geopolitics.

Macro Research Services Multi Asset: Global

Composed investment narratives derived from global macroeconomic and geopolitical intelligence.

BCA Live & Unfiltered

BCA Research’s daily research meeting with our global team of strategists.

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BCA Research’s Counterpoint highlights investment opportunities that are unconnected to the business cycle. Investors will receive actionable short-term and long-term investment recommendations based on analysis that is counterpoint to the conventional wisdom.

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The Bank Credit Analyst

The Bank Credit Analyst has been published continuously since 1949, covering developments in the US and global economy, with a focus on inflation, debt, and policy trends in order to generate investment advice.

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Daily Insights

BCA Research's daily product, providing updates on BCA Research's newest ideas and quick response to important daily market and economic developments.

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Geopolitical Strategy

BCA Research’s Geopolitical Strategy service provides market-relevant, data-driven, non-partisan, macroeconomic research with geopolitical risk analysis resulting in discretionary trade recommendations for global investors.

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Global Asset Allocation

BCA Research's portfolio construction service, advising CIOs and asset allocation teams on the optimum way to structure a global multi-asset portfolio.

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Global Investment Strategy

BCA Research’s Global Investment Strategy provides asset allocation advice and timely forecasts to shape clients’ conviction as they make investment decisions. 

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Macro Research Services Multi Asset: Regional

Measured impact in specific regions of pertinent global information

US Political Strategy 

BCA Research’s US Political Strategy service provides market-relevant, data-driven, non-partisan, macroeconomic and policy research. We take a geopolitical approach to US domestic politics, resulting in discretionary trade recommendations for those who invest in a range of US assets.

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China Investment Strategy

BCA Research’s China-focused strategy service, oriented around an assessment of the cyclical trajectory of China’s economy and the accompanying investment strategy conclusions for the Greater China Region.

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Emerging Markets Strategy

BCA Research’s Emerging Markets Strategy helps investors understand the EM landscape by merging global research with country specific insights, benefiting both global asset allocators, and dedicated EM portfolios.

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European Investment Strategy

BCA Research's European Investment Strategy identifies outstanding investment opportunities both within Europe and outside Europe.

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US Investment Strategy

BCA Research’s US Investment Strategy analyzes the future direction of US financial markets and the US economy to set equity portfolio strategy and enhance returns for asset-allocators.

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Macro Research Services Single Asset

Pinpointed macro effects on specific asset classes

Commodity & Energy Strategy

BCA Research’s Commodity and Energy Strategy explores global commodity cycles and trends and how to profit from them with actionable and thought-provoking research.

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Foreign Exchange Strategy

Our currency allocation service, which guides portfolio managers and CIOs with overlay strategies and provides traders with actionable ideas.

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Global Fixed Income Strategy

Concise, relevant global fixed income investment research. Providing timely advice and thoughtful portfolio strategies for investors with any level of exposure to interest rates and debt markets, worldwide.

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US Bond Strategy

BCA Research’s US Bond Strategy provides asset allocation recommendations to optimize your US bond portfolio given the different macro environments effecting interest rates and bond yields.

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US Equity Strategy

BCA Research's US Equity Portfolio construction service marries the macro with the micro and offers a unique equity sector allocation perspective, providing clients with a view that highlights sustainable trends.

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