Training & Events

Shape your conviction with BCA Research’s premium courses and conferences.  You’ll learn from our expert macro strategists and industry thought-leaders during these one- or two-day-long events, which are designed to give you tools to forge your own views and to ensure your mid- and long-term calls incorporate macro from all angles.

The BCA Research Academy

The BCA Research Academy focuses on teaching the analytical methods and investment strategies developed at BCA Research over the past 70 years. The objective of our seminars is to make investors better at consuming macro data, news, and research, so that they can effectively distinguish between macro signals and macro noise.

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BCA Research Investment Conference

We are excited to host our 41th Annual BCA Research Investment Conference in New York City on October 5th and 6th, 2020. Each year, we curate an agenda of thought leaders covering important themes in the worlds of finance, economics, and politics. We look forward to shaping your conviction and helping you discover investment opportunities as you connect with asset allocation professionals from around the globe.

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