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Global ETF Strategy

Global ETF Strategy brings BCA Research’s analysis of global financial markets and the major economies all the way from the 30,000-foot level to the individual security level to help clients navigate the ETF jungle to put BCA Research’s views into practice.

Tools to forge your own views

  • Four model portfolios balancing equity and fixed income exposures: US Long-Only, US Long/Short, Global Long-Only and Global Long/Short
  • Monthly model portfolio reviews tracing the evolution of our views and detailing the performance of the model portfolios
  • Special Report archive consisting of deep dives into portfolio management and ETF-specific topics
  • Thorough but concise explanation of the rationale behind our views, with a minimum of jargon
Our client website is updated daily and available whenever and wherever you are

Access our research on your desktop or apps for your tablet and smartphone.

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