BCA Research Analytics

BCA Research Analytics unlocks the value of BCA Research's analytical research, supporting discovery, idea generation and seamless workflow integration through charts and indicators.

Competitive advantage

  • Over 50,000 BCA Research Charts and 215,000 datasets at your fingertips to help shape the level of conviction with which you make investment decisions
  • Customize, annotate and export charts for internal and external presentations
  • Add new datasets to a chart to discover new relationships and insights, using the research and experience of BCA Research's team
  • Create your own chart-books on particular markets or investment themes

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Integrate charts into your workflow

Build a personal library
Quickly build up your personal library of charts. Receive real-time notifications of any data updates.

Customize your charts
Customize the design of your charts, add datasets and adjust timeframes.

Export your charts
Create your own chart-books and export them multiple formats for internal and external presentations using our Chartbook Builder.

Challenge your investment conviction with BCA Research Analytics 

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Client testimonial

"BCA Research Analytics enables us to build upon BCA Research's deep expertise and experience in data analysis and modelling to quickly identify and support investment ideas. With BCA Research Analytics, we are able to quickly find, build upon and use charts in presentations, rapidly lowering the time this activity used to take."

Senior Investment Strategist | Singapore.

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