BCA Research’s Adviser service provides easy-to-implement resources that will guide you from macro insights to tactical portfolio tools – resulting in an enhanced ability to generate returns for your clients.

Competitive advantage

  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace by using our unique insights to strengthen the advice you give your clients.
  • Find, analyze and compare ETFs with over 160,000 data series. Our Global ETF Strategy translates our views into live pools of securities you can track in real time. The rationale behind our selections shows you how we convert macro analysis into micro portfolio decisions.
  • Identify the most attractive stocks with our custom platform that lets you analyze 13,000 individual stocks using 27 factors. Our Equity Trading Strategy allows you to visualize the market to screen outperformers while analyzing potential risk of a strategy over time.
  • Stay on top of the market with our daily insights, which provides the latest thinking from our strategists plus analysis of upcoming economic events and market trends.

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