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BCA in the News

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  • There'll be no return to the chaos of 2008 — the next crisis will be will be much worse. - Sep 29, 2018
    By The Times - U.K.

    In February, BCA Research, a Canadian research group, shifted its US recession call from late 2019 to 2020.

  • (Un)lucky number seven - Sep 25, 2018
    By Financial Times

    BCA research sees a dollar buying Rmb7.0 or more by the end of the year.

  • A bad NAFTA deal? Canada should take it and run - Sep 20, 2018
    By The Globe And Mail

    Even a bad NAFTA deal would be better than no deal,” believes the chief geopolitical strategist at BCA Research, which provides businesses with investment advice.

  • US Stocks Are Still Leading the World. Here's Their Secret - Sep 14, 2018
    By Barron's

    BCA Research reaches the same conclusion, although it notes that profits in Japan have kept pace with those in the U.S. in recent years, but only after a long stretch of weak growth. BCA also sees investors responding to better American profits by awarding higher price/earnings multiples to U.S. shares. But the U.S. market’s outperformance also is tilted by technical factors. Notably, its indexes are more heavily weighted toward sectors with faster profit growth. For instance, 12-month forward earnings in the technology sector have jumped by almost 160% globally since 2010, while those for materials companies have increased by just 25%, according to BCA But profits still are the main factor. The bad news is that BCA sees corporate profit growth slowing in 2019. Earnings per share also are likely to get less of a boost from stock repurchases, in light of high valuations and rising interest rates.

  • Market reckoning is coming after a decade of QE - Sep 13, 2018
    By Financial Times

    A crucial difference between today and prior periods of elevated asset prices is pointed out by Dhaval Joshi at BCA Research, who notes that 1990 was largely focused on Japan, in 2000 tech and telecoms led the way while 2007 reflected the US mortgage and credit boom.

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