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GeoMacro Strategy

BCA’s GeoMacro is the financial industry’s first Discretionary Macro Investment Strategy, prepared with equal parts geopolitics, macroeconomics, policy, and thematic analysis.

Why Subscribe?

  • Bold Calls: Marko does not shy from making the uncomfortable, out-of-consensus, calls. His constraints framework comes alive precisely when the consensus is most certain.
  • Big Picture Focus: On a tactical and cyclical horizon, GeoMacro focuses on the Big Five Macro Assets: S&P 500, US 10-year Treasury, Gold, Oil, and the Dollar.
  • Thematic and Long Term: On the long-term, GeoMacro looks to find beta opportunities that can be easily integrated into one’s Strategic Asset Allocation.
  • Tested on the Buy Side: Some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors have incorporated Marko’s framework into their asset allocation process.
  • Closes a Gap in the Macro Framework: Macro-economics is a necessary but insufficient theoretical foundation with which to generate alpha and reveal beta in today’s market environment. Investors must add macro-geopolitics –GeoMacro – to their toolbox to navigate contemporary markets.

Investing in today’s markets without properly incorporating geopolitics is like trying to land a plane without modern instrumentation. It can be done, but why risk it?

Marko Papic Chief Strategist,

GeoMacro Strategy

Strategy Components

  • GeoMacro Alpha Report (Tactical & Cyclical) Volume I of the monthly report - A monthly macro and geopolitical overview on the alpha opportunities in the markets. It focuses on the global discretionary alpha opportunities while maintaining a running narrative of the most investment-relevant developments.
  • GeoMacro Beta Report (Secular) Volume II of the monthly report - Monthly in-depth thematic research of major investment themes, focusing on countries, regions, geopolitical risks, socio-economic paradigms, and technological changes that will impact strategic asset allocation over a 2–10-year horizon.
  • Here, There, Everywhere Report - Monthly flagship chartpack that makes sense of the global macro environment in a way that every investor – whether large or small, public or private, tactical or secular – can understand and translate into asset allocation decisions.
  • Special Reports - Ad-hoc research reports dependent on what's going on and clients’ most frequently asked questions. They will often be about things happening right here and now but may also be about upcoming things just around the curve.
  • GeoMacro Beta Report (Secular) Volume II of the monthly report
  • Direct access to Strategist Marko Papic- Marko’s matter-of-fact, straight shooting approach to markets is highly sought after across the globe.

Challenge your investment conviction with insights from GeoMacro Strategy

Recent Bold Calls

December 2023: Set S&P 500 target for 2024 at 5,500.

August 2023: Predicted the collapse of recession narrative, shorted bonds.

April 2023: Reiterated no recession call following Silicon Valley Bank crisis.

December 2022: Predicted that no recession would occur in 2023 with high conviction.

September 2022: Went long EURUSD and European industrials, called the notion that “Europe would de-industrialize” the “most idiotic view ever conceived.”

August 2022 : Called the end of the equity bear market, went max bullish risk.

May 2022: Shorted commodities, including oil, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

March 2020: Called the COVID-19 market bottom on precisely March 23, 2020.


GeoMacro Strategy

Marko Papic

Chief Strategist

Marko is the BCA Research Chief Strategist in charge of BCA Access, the firm’s macro concierge product, and GeoMacro Strategy. In his decade-long career at BCA, Marko founded the firm’s Geopolitical Strategy service and introduced the constraint-based framework that has become the standard for incorporating geopolitics into the asset management industry. He was most recently a Partner and Chief Strategist at Clocktower Group, an alternative asset management firm where he put the GeoMacro framework to the test of the markets, helping seed discretionary macro hedge funds and providing some of the world’s largest pools of capital and macro hedge funds with market insights.

Marko has lectured at Stanford University, The Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins, Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia (UBC). He holds graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and UBC.

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