Executive Team

Bashar AL-Rehany
Chief Executive Officer

Nicoletta Manoleas
Executive Vice President

Derek Valente
Senior Vice President, Finance

Research Team

Anastasios Avgeriou
Vice President,
Global Alpha Sector Strategy
U.S. Equity Strategy

Martin H. Barnes
Senior Vice President & Economic Advisor

Peter Berezin
Senior Vice President,
Global Investment Strategy
Equity Trading Strategy

Arthur Budaghyan
Senior Vice President,
Emerging Markets Strategy
Frontier Markets Strategy

Garry Evans
Senior Vice President,
Global Asset Allocation
EM Equity Sector Strategy

Dhaval Joshi
Senior Vice President,
European Investment Strategy

Mark McClellan
Senior Vice President,
The Bank Credit Analyst

Caroline Miller
Senior Vice President,
Global Strategist

Jim Mylonas
Vice President,
Daily Insights

Marko Papic
Senior Vice President,
Geopolitical Strategy

Doug Peta
Senior Vice President,
Global ETF Strategy
U.S. Investment Strategy

Robert Robis
Senior Vice President,
Global Fixed Income Strategy

Robert Ryan
Senior Vice President,
Commodity & Energy Strategy

Mathieu Savary
Vice President,
Foreign Exchange Strategy

Ryan Swift
Vice President,
U.S. Bond Strategy

Bashar AL-Rehany
Chief Executive Officer

Bashar AL-Rehany was appointed to the Board of Directors of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC (EII) in November of 2009 and has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of BCA Research Inc. (BCA) since joining BCA in January of 2003. BCA, a subsidiary of EII since 2006, is one of the world's leading independent global investment research providers. Prior to joining BCA, Mr. AL-Rehany was President & Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Information Systems Canada Inc. an information, news and technology group that acquired Dow Jones Markets Inc. From October of 1996, Mr. AL-Rehany was President & Chief Executive Officer at Dow Jones Markets Canada Inc. Mr. AL-Rehany spent 13 years at Reuters Holdings PLC in various sales & marketing roles until 1993 when he was made the Director of Sales and Customer Service in Canada. He holds a degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from Teesside Polytechnic, England.

Nicoletta Manoleas
Executive Vice President

Nicoletta Manoleas has been with BCA Research since 1985 when she began working with the research team. As a Senior Analyst she assisted in researching and launching several new products. Nicoletta's exposure to the different facets of BCA's products helped her to take on a role in management by developing and heading up the Research Operations side of the business. Today, reporting to the CEO, she has moved into a senior management role where she is responsible for managing the Research Operations side of the business and Human Resources and works closely with other senior management members on business initiatives.

Derek Valente
Senior Vice President, Finance

Derek joined BCA Research in September 2014 as Finance Director. Prior to that he worked in the private sector for a variety of organizations, including 5 years in the subsea (marine) cable industry as VP Finance of an organization involved in a variety of infrastructure projects in the telecom, oil & gas and renewable energy space. He articled at KPMG and spent time in their Forensic (Advisory) practice while also lecturing at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business. Derek received a bachelor's of Commerce from McGill University, a Graduate Diploma from Concordia University and has been a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants since 2001.


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