Equity Trading Strategy 

BCA Research’s Equity Trading Strategy provides a top-down approach to bottom-up stock picking, providing actionable recommendations for sophisticated equity investors. 

Tools to forge your own views

  • An easy-to-use online platform, updated daily, provides access to the 13,000+ stocks we cover across the globe
  • Monitor positions, screen for new opportunities, or run backtests to create custom quantitative trading strategies
  • Our Ranking Model is not a black box – it is fully transparent. You can view the underlying data, formulas, and can even modify the model weights to suit your needs
  • Research reports providing quantitative stock selection, factor performance profiles, and model improvements

In today’s markets, any serious equity investor must include quantitative analysis into their stock selection process – if not, they will rapidly fall behind the curve

Peter Berezin Chief Strategist, 

Equity Trading Strategy 

How we do it 

  • We comb through the vast amount of stock market anomaly research. We find the most robust factors, test them, and when appropriate, incorporate them into our model. We document our research efforts, and publish reports highlighting our findings
  • All stocks covered by our platform receive a ranking based on the quantitative factors we have selected
  • The weight each factor receives changes over time based on the investment cycle, thereby favoring factors that are likely to outperform
  • In addition to the quantitative data, we also leverage BCA Research’s macro expertise, and feed our qualitative macro calls back into the model

Challenge your investment conviction with insights from Equity Trading Strategy

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How the model behaves

Historically, the top-decile stocks ranked using the BCA Research Score have outperformed stocks in the bottom decile by over 25% a year. 

Equity Trading Strategy 

Peter Berezin

Chief Strategist

Peter is currently BCA Research’s Chief Global Strategist and Research Director. Since joining BCA Research in 2010, he has served as Managing Editor of The Bank Credit Analyst as well as helping to develop and launch BCA Research’s Equity Trading Strategy. Peter focuses on analyzing global economic and financial market trends. Prior to BCA Research, Peter worked as a Senior Global Economist with Goldman Sachs. Peter has also spent time in the research department of the International Monetary Fund. Peter has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from McMaster University, a Master of Science from the London School of Economics, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto.

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