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Emerging Markets Strategy

BCA Research’s Emerging Markets Strategy helps investors understand the EM landscape by merging global research with country specific insights, benefiting both global asset allocators, and dedicated EM portfolios.

Tools to forge your own views

  • Recommendations for Emerging Market equities, exchange rates, local currency bonds and U.S.-dollar bonds (credit markets)
  • BCA Research EM Pendulum webcasts highlight the key themes of the current market. Clients can interact via live Q&A or through on-demand conference calls with the strategists
  • Cross-asset class analysis to help you detect messages from certain market niches to draw investment ramifications for other asset classes/markets
  • In-depth country analysis and Special Reports provide key unique country-specific themes as well as country asset allocation recommendation across 20 countries

We strive to identify critical market drivers that the consensus might be missing. We do so by combining global macro themes and unique analytics with in-depth country research.

Arthur Budaghyan Chief Strategist,

Emerging Markets Strategy

How we do it

  • EMS connects the dots across global economic and financial landscapes, identifying market dislocations and draw implications for EM asset classes
  • Our team distills signals from noise helping investors to focus the sustainable trends and fade short-term fluctuations
  • EMS provides 6-12 months cyclical recommendations for all EM assets classes as well as country allocation within EM portfolios
  • We formulate multi-year investment themes and long-term strategic recommendations

Challenge your investment conviction with insights from Emerging Markets Strategy

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Some of what we've called

2010 EM Equities (145% gain through Q1 2019)
Recommended the short EM equities / long the S&P 500 strategy in December 14, 2010 – this position produced a 145% gain from then to Q1 2019.

2010 Brazilian Equities (40% gain in 2018)
Downgraded Brazilian equities to underweight on April 27, 2010 and upgraded it to overweight after the first-round of recent presidential elections on October 9, 2018, generating a 40% gain.

2013 Turkish Stocks (140% gain in 2018)
Recommended underweighting / shorting Turkish stocks from March 13, 2013 and booked profits of 140% on August 15, 2018.

2008 Chinese Equities
Advocated accumulating Chinese equities in September 29, 2008 report amid the Lehman crisis given rising odds of stimulus in China. China/EM/commodities were the best performing markets in the next two years.

Emerging Markets Strategy

Arthur Budaghyan

Chief Strategist

Arthur is currently BCA Research’s Chief Strategist, Emerging Markets Strategy. Since joining BCA Research in 1999, he has been responsible for EM trading strategies and became the Chief Strategist of the Emerging Markets Strategy in 2005. Prior to BCA Research, Arthur worked for a regulatory government agency in Armenia supervising financial markets. Arthur has an MBA from America University of Armenia, a Masters in Economic Policy Management from McGill University, and is a CFA charter holder.

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